Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Dreams for me never seem to happen. Perhaps that's because I don't sleep enough. However, when I do have dreams they usually are quite memorable in both good and bad ways. I have always found something beautiful, in a twisted way, about how the unconscious mind works during sleep. There can be a certain ecstasy that happens during dreams in which experiences desires, actions and intentions come to life. One can finally express themselves without the energy of thinking.

Most recently my dreams have been quite disturbing. I cannot remember much however, some parts stand out. I became quite intrigued by a clear, tubular bag the rested on my navy blue bed sheets. I was with a friend, my suite mate to be in fact. He stood there curious as we shared the same thoughts about this transparent structure that laid across my bed. We touched it to examine. We presumed it to be an extraterrestrial object of some sort. But we still were not sure. So with the pads of my damp, sweaty finger tips, I touched the tubular structure. I was so interested I got closer, closer and closer. My investigating face circled around the perimeter then "snap"! The bag consumed my entire head and began to squeeze it's plastic rim tighter and tighter around my neck. I tried screaming help multiple times to my suite mate who stood there in disbelief. I realized that was only wasted energy as I felt my body weaken. My friend walked over, in an attempt to help?? maybe?? Then I woke up with my pillow wrapped around my neck.

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