Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Brief Description

I am in search of ideas beyond the factual; beyond the view of black and white as I am merely just a blend of colors myself. My work is driven by the feeling of not knowing, or seeing something in a new perspective in order to change ones values or beliefs to overcome a certain obstacle or way of thinking. Considering ideas of perspective, I am interested in a power relationship that directs the way the things are perceived within my work and within shared ideas that create culture. In my work, changing perspective is, in a way, changing hope or an attempt to make someone believe. I am concerned with addressing larger issues beyond art and am not interested in creating work that is always comfortable but rather, creating art that challenges and critiques the way one thinks. My work implies that art should make one see something they’ve never seen before, something in a new way that makes life’s experiences worthwhile to question.

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