Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Work Update

I have been planning to re-appropriate and contextualize a self-portrait from the past. For now I have mostly been researching certain techniques, including cutting away canvas and collage imagery. I have only touched the painting a few times, as I begin to prepare myself for a series of planned maneuvers about the canvas. If I do end up cutting away or adding things to the canvas, they will be incorporated very strategically.

I started by taking photography of myself, the model, so I have something to reference. My main focus is to capture a specific mood of the scene through the imagery and the artistic elements such as perspective and value.

In essence, with this painting, I am trying to depict a struggle or an attempt to break through a struggle however one remains literally rooted to their background.

I am thinking about the power of the chain.

I am also concerned with using a single light source to create mood. I am studying many Baroque artists such as Caravaggio. In works like the image below, the light itself seems to create a narrative.

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